Learning how to begin.

Today I bought a white candle, thred, and beads. From what I understand a witches ladder is what I should do after concecrating salt, making a circle, lighting a white candle and purifying my thread and beads with insence and water. The goal is to put energy into the witches ladder and use it for meditation.

What else should I be doing? I need a teacher and guidance.


My heart ❤

I feel lost yet at home. Breaking old habits and rituals is hard. Especially since I’m being drawn to something I know nothing about. Crystals and moons, spells and the sun. It’s confusing yet intriguing.

I feel like a sponge wanting to soak it all in , yet I feel stupid and I might say something stupid. But im learning. I don’t even know what questions to ask!!!

Where do begin? I’ll be purchasing crystals soon and I’ve been studying what each mean and do. I will also be getting tarot cards soon and a friend will explain them.

Any books recommended? Any knowledge willing to be passed on?


My Journey Begins

First I want to start of with I am 100% brand new to paganism and Wicca. If I write something that isn’t true PLEASE correct me. I am going to document my journey and what I learn and seek advice from others as I learn.

A little about myself. I am a 27 year old mother of 2. I am married as well. I have been a very devout christian up until a few weeks ago when I realized I was tired of being told what to do how to do it and what to like/dislike. So ive decided to start searching out who I am and I’m being drawn to witchcraft.

Please share tips on getting started, info on tradition and Gods and Goddesses. Anything an infant witch would need to know.

Thank you! -Path2Pagan